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Introducing Tactical Goalie

Our Mission is to provide high intensity, individualized hockey goaltender development and training both for hockey teams and individual goaltenders.
- Dan Keyes, Founder

The Sharpening Dude is proud to partner up with Tactical Goalie. Danny and his crew bring a much-needed service to the goalies of the DMV. They specialize in creating the best learning environments, including rapid decision-making, situational awareness, technical and universal skill development.

Tactical Goalie offers private, semi-private lessons, camps, clinics, and partner sessions with other great offense and defense coaches.

Pictured, Dan Keyes - Founder of Tactical Goalie

Dan Keyes

The man, the myth, the legend. Dan Keyes, the founder of Tactical Goalie, brings life to the ice. His unique way of motivating the next generation of talent is unceasing and ever-lasting. Every session a student attends begins with a fist bump and ends with a little bit of personal wisdom for the student to carry with them. Danny knows just about everyone in the business and uses that as an opportunity to bring game-like situations to sessions. If another coach puts on an offensive or defensive clinic, Danny ensures his goalies get battle-tested by inclusion in the clinic.

Advanced Coaching Capabilities

Advanced Coaching Capabilities

He’s a fun coach, and he makes learning fun. He comes to my games and sees what I need to work on for next practice.

– Aiden H. [Squirt A]

He always pumps me up and makes sure I’m prepared mentally and physically for the game. I have improved a lot because of his fun and energetic ways of teaching.

– Will H. [Peewee AA]

Tactical Goalie has really helped me with my game and using my team mates. I feel like my decision making is way higher.

– Logan Rudolph

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