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Different Type of Foxhole - Disabled Vet Hockey Player


John Morgan, the founder of The Sharpening Dude, is a disabled veteran with over nine years served active duty. John sustained an injury causing him to retire from the Army medically. In addition to being the sole owner and operator of TSD, he works for the Department of Defense, continuing his career to serve our nation.

The Disabled Veteran community is near and dear to him due to his own experiences in the military and out as a vet. TSD provides elite-level service to those that served. Whether you need skates sharpened or a safe place to get your thoughts straight, TSD is here no matter what you need. As in combat, As at home - Please reach out if you're ever in need.

Capital Beltway Warriors

The CBW Mission:

We are dedicated to serving disabled US Military Veterans on and off the ice. While some of our heroes have played prior to being injured, many try it for the first time, all for therapeutic enrichment. Our organization extends beyond just our disabled Service Members- All Military are welcome to join. We believe our diversity no matter Service status, is vital to the dynamic support our program provides.

Meet The Team


Matt Cottrill
U.S. Navy Veteran

Dir. Hockey Ops

Pete Perzel
U.S. Army

Dir. Logistics

Anthony Graves- Buckingham
U.S. Marine Corps


Ben Stroup
U.S. Navy


Chris Bean
U.S. Air Force

Dir. Fundraising

Stephen Senatore
U.S. Army Ranger

Dir. Business Ops

Clayton Hancock
U.S Army

CBW Contact

Capital Beltway Warriors

PO Box 1774
4270 John Marr Drive
Annandale, Virginia 22003-9998, United States

(703) 829-5425