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We Offer a Finer Quality Service

Below is some of the skates The Sharpening Dude services. We believe it's good for our customers to see what our experience is. When you bring your skates to TSD, you're entrusting us with more than your property, you're trusting us to ensure you have the edge during your peak performance.

Service Satisfaction

The Sharpening Dude is here to serve! While a lot of things are not advertised, we're capable of skate repair and alterations. Below is a list of common repairs and alterations customers ask for daily.

  • bent blade
  • loose/missing screw
  • hot spot (boot punch)
  • skate stretching
  • heat spot molding
  • skate baking
  • runner replacement
  • rust treatment & prevention
  • neglect & restoration
  • waterproofing
  • and many more!

“Absolutely unparalleled products and service. I'm confident that I'll be back very soon for servicing. John is a once a generation talent when it comes to skates."

– Rod

"John did an amazing job on my sons hockey skates. He was super friendly and really informative with showing me how he sharpened the skates and what goes into deciding how they’re cut as well as other background info on how to keep the skates in good condition. I’ll definitely be going back to him again! Thank you Jon!!"

– Sarah

Excellent experience with John. His business is at his residence (sharpens in the garage), which is quite comfortable and easy to get to. His sharpening service is top notch and he has extensive experience. He is also very pleasant to hang around and chat with while he explains everything he is doing. I highly recommend the Sharpening Dude and guarantee you will not be disappointed. 5 stars easily.

– Tommy

Best sharpening experience I've ever had! John is friendly and clearly knowledgeable about his craft. He was happy to answer my questions and focused on quality while sharpening my figure skates. I will definitely be coming back!

– Megan

The Sharpening Dude

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